Friday, February 29, 2008

The Most Popular Diets are Fat Diets?

Many people, even doctors have been brainwashed by popular fad diets. No wonder the obesity problem in the US getting worse. I found it disturbing when I spoke to doctors that don’t know if rice is a good carb or complex carbohydrate.

However, I can’t really blame them. Doctors are trained to detect sickness and give prescriptions. With the complexity of today’s medical procedures and growing numbers of new drugs each year, it’s hard for them to keep up with all the information.

So what do you do if you would like to educate yourself about good nutrition? Go to the American Dietetic Association website and educate yourself,

Now about fad diets, I found this article to be very interesting. Some of the most popular diets are listed there,

Please share this knowledge to your family and friends.

Stay healthy,
Linda Yo

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Many people told me that they want to lose weight. Yet, when I shared to them the easy method to lose weight, they didn’t believe me. You see, they were used to the more difficult methods, starving, walking or jogging and hour every day, eat only cabbage soup and so on. When I presented to them an easy method, they thought it’s too good to be true.

There is a story in the Bible where an officer had a skin disease and he traveled a great distance to find a prophet to heal him. When the prophet told him to go take a bath in a river, he was furious because he didn’t believe that such simple thing can cure him.

Sometimes when we are presented with a simple solution, we reject the solution just because we have expected a difficult solution. With Asian Slim Secrets, easy does it. However, even an easy method needs to be implemented. So start taking action today. Pull my book, Asian Slim Secrets, out of the bookself and try the recipes in the kitchen.