Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun Exercise

When I turned 40 a few days ago, I made my husband take me dancing, because we haven’t danced in years!I had a lot of fun dancing that night and I think I burned at least 600 calories!

If you live in San Diego & you like dancing or you want to learn how to dance, check out this place, . You don’t need a partner to join. If you are not in San Diego, simply Google the word dance and the city you live in; that’s how I found dancetime. My husband & I love the place, it’s a clean & safe place to learn & explore dancing.

Do you have an activity that you love to do? It’s easier to exercise when it’s fun. This is a list of fun exercises and the average calories burned per hour for someone who is about 200 lbs.

Basketball, 728
Bicycling (leisure), 364
Dancing, 409
Bowling, 273
Canoeing, 319
Fishing, 350
Football, 728
Gardening, 380
Golf, 410
Tennis, 728
Volleyball, 364

Activity for children.

A study from a professor at Liverpool John Moores University in Britain found that participants burn about 150 calories per hour playing Nintendo Wii so an average of 12.2 playing time/week burned 1830 extra calories per week.
Have you ever play tennis in Wii? It’s a lot of fun. When my family get together with some friends, the adults and the kids spend hours playing tennis or bowling. It’s a great party activity.

Have fun & stay healthy!
Linda Yo
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