Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slim Down with Resistant Starch

Some starchy foods such as white bread, crackers, donuts and pancakes can easily turn into sugar in our body, thus they can easily make us fat. However starchy grains and vegetables are not fattening, especially those that are rich in resistant starches.

Not many people, even doctors in the US know about resistant starch yet but it is beginning to gain popularity in England and Australia. According to experts from Oxford University, in the past it was thought that all starch in food is digested and absorbed by the human body. However current research has discovered that a significant portion of starch cannot be digested by our stomach and it will be expelled from our body. That portion of starch is called resistant starch. So when we eat foods that are rich in resistant starch, we actually get a discount in calories!


nobabu said...

i am very much happy to hear about Resistant starch ,but i want to know what foods have resistant starch or how can we get resistant starches,i heard widely about RS2 type which is High Amylose Maize,but what are other types and in which form or foods are they available

Linda Yo said...

Hi Nobabu, other foods that contains resistant starch include basmati rice, sushi rice, beans and lentils. There are many forms of resistant starches and some of the resistant starches form because of the cooking process.